Welcome Classmates and Friends of  ND '83!

Welcome Classmates and Friends of the Class of 1983, now Celebrating  25 years since Graduation Day!  A special thanks to all the classmates, friends, and family who attended the last Reunion Weekend in 2008. What a blast to see you all!. To those who could not make it then, we all hope to see you for the 30th Reunion coming up in 2013.

Class Officers 

President:  Clare E. Padgett 
Vice President:  William G. Bastedo, Jr. 
Secretary:  Russell J. Wyborski 

Now that we have a site for our class, I will be looking for some help with the content. All ideas are welcome, email me at Sonnypeek@aol.com with those. 

Some ideas regarding future content that I will need help/contributions from you are:

       1) How about a page of interesting pictures? Pics from back in the day, from football games, from reunions or wherever, if you'd like to share them with the class, please send them along for inclusion in a class photo album

       2) On a more somber note, I believe it might be fitting to honor those classmates who have gone before us with a memorial page. Any information that you may have in this regard would be appreciated. 


 Also, while you are here, please consider:

  • Consider serving as a class officer in the future. Those interested should contact class President Clare Padgett [clare.e.padgett@medtronic.com]. Elections will be held this summer.
  • I am working using "polling" type software for the upcoming elections.

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